fcd156_515 Those Who Fear

State of Mind

FCD155_800 Poured Out

To the Point of ...

comrades_lonegrey_coverart_1500x1500 Comrades

Lone / Grey

FCD153_515 Saving Grace


FCD152_515 Poured Out

Blind Heart

FCD151_small Your Memorial

Forever United

myepic_viscera_cover_1500x1500 My Epic


FCD149_515 Everything in Slow Mot...

Laid Low

FCD148_515 Hope for the Dying


FCD147_cover Rival Choir

I believe, help ...

FCD146_300 For All Eternity


xDeathstarx_Cover xDeathstarx


FCD144_Into the Sea Attalus

Into the Sea

FCD143_300 Gideon


FCD142_300 Colossus


FCD141_300small Mouth of the South

Struggle Well

FCD140_cover War of Ages

Supreme Chaos

FCD139 My Epic

Behold (Instrume...

FCD138 Those Who Fear

Death Sentence

FCD137 Saving Grace

The Urgency

FCD136 My Epic


FCD135 Everything in Slow Mot...


FCD134 Leaders


FCD133 The Burial

In The Taking Of...

Extolcover Extol


FCD131 Colossus

Time & Eternal

FCD130 Altars

Something More

FCD128 Ark of the Covenant

Self Harvest

_1Rg0Q Comeback Kid

Turn it Around

FCD127 Fallstar


FCD126 Hope for the Dying


FCD125 Those Who Fear

Unholy Anger

FCD124 Dynasty

Beyond Measure

FCD123 Overcome

No Reserves. No ...

FCD122 Onward to Olympas


FCD121 Everything in Slow Mot...


Cover.170x170-75 Altars


FCD119 Letter to the Exiles

Make Amends

FCD118 Your Memorial


FCD117 Gideon


FCD116 xLooking Forwardx

Down with the sh...

FCD115 Altars


FCD114cover War of Ages

Return to Life

FCD113cover Leaders

Now We Are Free

FCD112cover The Burial

Lights and Perfe...

FCD111cover A Hope for Home

In Abstraction

FCD110 cover In the Midst of Lions


FCD109cover Saving Grace

The King is Comi...

FCD107 cover A Plea For Purging

The Life & Death...

FCD106cover Immortal Souls

IV: The Requiem ...

FCD105cover Call to Preserve


FCD104cover My Epic

Broken Voice

FCD103cover Hands

Give Me Rest

FCD102 cover Hope for the Dying


FCD101cover Onward to Olympas

The War Within U...

FCD100cover Overcome

The Great Campai...

FCD099cover Gideon


FCD098cover Your Memorial


FCD097cover For Today


FCD096cover In The Midst of Lions

The Heart of Man

FCD095cover Impending Doom

There will be vi...

FCD094cover My Epic


FCD093cover A Plea for Purging

The Marriage Of ...

FCD092cover Call to Preserve

Life of Defiance

FCD091cover War of Ages


FCD090cover A Hope for Home


FCD089cover Onward to Olympas

This World Is No...

FCD088 Shapes Stars Make

these mountains ...

FCD087cover Wrench in the Works


FCD086cover Take it Back!


FCD085cover Thieves & Liars

American Rock 'N...

FCD084cover Abel

the honest love

FCD083cover Hands


FCD082cover Take it Back!

Rumors of Revolt

FCD081cover Sleeping Giant

Sons of Thunder

FCD080cover For Today


FCD079cover Sleep for Sleepers

The Clearing

FCD078cover Impending Doom

The Serpent Serv...

FCD077cover A Plea for Purging


FCD076cover xDeathstarx

The Triumph

FCD075cover Call to Preserve

From Isolation

FCD074cover Wrench in the Works

Lost Art of Heap...

FCD073cover My Epic

I am undone

FCD072cover War of Ages

Arise & Conquer

FCD071cover Take it Back!

Can't Fight Robo...

FCD070cover Means

To Keep Me From ...

FCD069cover For Today


FCD068cover Kingston Falls

Armada on Mercur...

FCD067cover Thieves & Liars

When Dreams Beco...

FCD066cover Remove the Veil

Another Way Home

FCD065cover A Plea for Purging

A Critique of Mi...

FCD064cover Impending Doom

Nailed. Dead. Ri...

FCD063cover Immortal Souls


FCD062cover Inked in Blood

Sometimes We Are...

FCD061cover War of Ages

Fire From the To...

FCD060cover Various Artists

Something Worth ...

FR059cover Seventh Star

the undisputed t...

FR058cover Sleeping Giant

dread champions ...

FR057cover Means

sending you stre...

FR056cover xDeathstarx

we are the threa...

FR055cover War of Ages

pride of the wic...

FR054cover Bloodlined Calligraphy


FR053cover Alove for Enemies


FR052cover Flee the Seen

doubt becomes th...

FR051cover Seventh Star

100% DVD

FR050cover No Innocent Victim

to burn again

FR049cover xLooking Forwardx

the path we trea...

FR048cover Inked in Blood

lay waste the po...

FR047cover Nodes of Ranvier

the years to com...

FR046cover Seventh Star

brood of vipers

FR045cover Bloody Sunday

to sentence the ...

FR044cover Bloodlined Calligraphy

They Want You Si...

FR043cover Alove for Enemies


FR042cover Various Artists

Facedown Fest 20...

FR041cover Symphony in Peril

the whore's trop...

FR040cover Immortal Souls

Ice Upon the Nig...

_fmR17 The Deal

Cut Throat

_wcE4M One 21


_vl0LY Facedown Records

DVD Volume 1

_AUvpL Various Artists

Facedown Family ...

FR035cover Symphony in Peril

lost memoirs and...

FR034cover Nodes of Ranvier

nodes of ranvier

_QZMt8 Indwelling

and my eye shall...

_ijnt8 xDisciplex AD

Blood Feud

FR031cover Seventh Star

Dead End

FR030cover Comeback Kid

turn it around

_1ooX6 Sinai Beach

When Breath Esca...

_lHUbX Various Artists

22 Ton Sampler

FR027cover Nodes of Ranvier

lost senses, mor...

_F8sDm Hanover Saints

Truth Rings Out

_yIYSi Point of Recognition

Day of Defeat

_PRHw8 Falling Cycle

the conflict

_N8Mzj The Deal

who's pulling yo...

_IpU10 xDisciplex AD


_koWbZ Dodgin' Bullets

Earn Your Respec...

_m6v1z One 21

one 21

_EVN1E Overcome

more than death

_qcj1X Dogwood

This Is Not A Ne...

_zWrlj Torn in Two

Soli deo gloria

_nqrk1 Figure Four

When it's all sa...

_o2nI1 Anchor

Ship Wrecked Lif...

_H70yu Point of Recognition

Refresh, Renew

_WXPqM xDisciplex AD

Heaven & Hell

_bi6fO Ceasefire

The Cycle of Unb...

_00wpw The Deal

Yesterday, Today...

_yHFCi Dodgin' Bullets

World Wide War

_303H3 Point of Recognition/C...

Now the Tables H...

_K2FEL Figure Four

No Weapon Formed...

_BQx4 Overcome

Immortal Until T...

_dkXt2 Dodgin' Bullets

soundtrack to th...

_olQbT Born Blind

Pressing On

_T8aKQ Overcome

self titled

_pFka4 Overcome

Life of Death


Positive Youth /...

_QyOb No Innocent Victim

No Innocent Vict...