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Fargo, ND

New Heaven / New Earth

Vinyl, Digital Only

Give Me Rest

CD, Vinyl, MP3

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Hands are back with a 2-song EP “New Heaven / New Earth.” The songs are available now worldwide on all digital outlets.  The vinyl version is limited to 330 hand numbered pieces with screen printed cover art.

A special Hands reunion set was announced as part of the 20th anniversary Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA this May.  Before disbanding, Hands released two full length albums on Facedown: “Creator” and “Give Me Rest”.  When asked about coming back together for this EP and Facedown Fest, the guys had this to say:

“Shane and I started making music together almost 17 years ago. At the heart of our creative partnership is a deep and abiding friendship which was the source for what became Hands. This recording and the subsequent reunion shows represent, more than anything, an opportunity to pursue those things one more time. The fact that we were able to write and record them with the original members of the band, bringing long overdue closure to that chapter, made it an even better experience. After all these years, we still feel like we have art that is worth creating and something to say that is worth saying. This record is message of hope and solidarity in a time of despair and division. If there is such a thing as a Hands “legacy”, I think that this record is a perfect addition to and embodiment of it.”  Josh / Hands

“I agree with everything Josh said, 100 percent. Couldn’t have said it better! EISM is an entirely different frame of mind for me. Driving up to North Dakota and spending a weekend with these guys is an experience I’ll never forget. Having 3 days to do nothing but be together, eat together, discuss life with each other. It had been so long since we had done that. Channel every moment of that weekend into music, and you have the new Hands EP. I don’t throw this word around a lot (actually might be the first time in years I’ve said it), but the opportunity to do this was a BLESSING to our lives for reasons so much bigger than music.”  Shane / Hands