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Poured Out

Hollywood, MD

To the Point of Death

CD, Vinyl, MP3

Blind Heart


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Riding the wave of their sef-released EP success, Poured Out come correct with their 90s era aggressive blend of hardcore and metal core in their debut full length “To the Point of Death.” A year in the making, “To the Point of Death” builds on the “Blind Heart” EP foundation, digging deeper into the dark complexities of emotion and redemption.

“We’ve taken our time to extend ourselves musically and lyrically to bring something new to the table that is aggressive, challenging, and beautiful. We had no agenda to please anyone with what we did, and that’s the way we wanted it.”

Poured Out worked with Jeremy White at White Noise Recordings, and Josh Schroeder for the mixing and mastering on “To the Point of Death,” with cover art by Slipknot’s Jay Weinberg.