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American Arson

Detroit, MI

A Line In The Sand

CD, LP, Vinyl, MP3

Rise & Fall EP


Tour Dates:
Nov 26 - Hamtramck, MI @ Sanctuary Detroit

Dec 17 - Canton, MI @ The Barn

American Arson are back with their Facedown Records debut full length “A Line in the Sand.” The new album leans heavily on rock ’n’ roll with a hint of post hardcore discontent and the unmistakeable vocal hooks that fans have come to love. The duo’s massive sound derived from instrumental looping and multi-amp stacking is irresistible especially on the first single “Unbreakable.” The brand new album which releases this summer and follows the 2019 EP “Rise & Fall” will be American Arson’s first full length label release.

“A Line in the Sand” drops July 3, 2020.