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Portland, OR


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Tour Dates:
Fury of the Funeral Sun Tour w/ Fallstar, Lightworker, The Undertaking

Oct 8 - San Diego, CA
Oct 9 - Sacramento, CA
Oct 10 - San Jose, CA
Oct 11 - Spokane, WA
Oct 12 - Bremerton, WA
Oct 13 - Seattle, WA
Oct 14 - Portland, OR

From Portland, OR come Fallstar, an unrestrained group of artists and musicians who draw just as much inspiration from their local punk and hardcore scene as they do from their hometown in general. “Our city is known for its global perspective, sustainable living, care for the homeless, and having ideas that challenge long-standing traditions and beliefs. So we’ve developed this way of thinking that is energized by our doubts and ideas. We’re a west coast band, we’re relaxed and not afraid of new things.”

In 2013, Fallstar released their label debut “Backdraft,” and have come back to the label to release their 2021 album “Sunbreather.”