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Portland, OR

Sacred Mirrors

CD, LP, Vinyl, MP3


CD, LP, Vinyl, MP3

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From Portland, OR come Fallstar, an unrestrained group of artists and musicians who draw just as much inspiration from their local punk and hardcore scene as they do from their hometown in general. “Our city is known for its global perspective, sustainable living, care for the homeless, and having ideas that challenge long-standing traditions and beliefs. So we’ve developed this way of thinking that is energized by our doubts and ideas. We’re a west coast band, we’re relaxed and not afraid of new things.”

In 2013, Fallstar released their label debut “Backdraft,” then their 2021 sophomore album “Sunbreather.” 

Fallstar’s sixth studio album sees the band coming into their own, understanding the qualities of their previous records and how they relate to the band’s identity; all culminating in the control and authority displayed on Sacred Mirrors.

Most artists won’t admit that they set out to intentionally replicate a previous album, but Fallstar readily acknowledges it’s exactly what they meant to do with Sacred Mirrors. “We found formulas and voices that really work for us and we’re gonna refine that. Sunbreather set the standard for what we are as a band and we wanted to make that record again, but even better.” The songs are diverse, but the record as a whole is the most cohesive project the band has ever completed. “Picking singles was miserable because there are no clear winners. All the songs can stand on their own.”

Sacred Mirrors was written before the band’s most current Facedown album Sunbreather was even released, but recording for the album wasn’t begun until the winter of 2021. Musically, the goal for Sacred Mirrors was to hone the structure and style created on Sunbreather; lyrically the message is straightforward: “Self reflection is the sacred mirror.”