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3/4/16 – Congratulations to Jimmy who won the Hope for the Dying Legacy Sword! He’s pictured here with his sons about whom you can read more below.

“I’m Jimmy, I’m 32. I am a band instrument repair technician and a musician. The last 14 years of my life have been rough. I’ve been through two marriages/divorces where they were unhealthy relationships and my exes ended up leaving me. I’ve brought addictions and depression on myself as well through those times. I knew God through all those times and grew from them. It wasn’t until over a year ago when I really submitted everything to Him. He sent me an amazing Christian wife this past year; we just got married in December and we each brought a son into the family. We also found out we are expecting a baby right before I found out about the sword! We are so thankful and grateful for all God has been doing in our lives. That’s why this album means so much to me because we want to leave a legacy of faith for our children and their children so that they would learn from our mistakes and start a generational blessing.”


10/21/14 – Congratulations to the winner of the Gideon xBox One giveaway, Jeff Weber!
Jeff’s pre-order purchase of Gideon’s “Calloused” entered him in the giveaway and last week we chose a random name from all Gideon pre-orders and it was Jeff! Nice going Jeff!


8/25/14 – Congratulations to Codie Eash in Spring Grove, PA who won the My Epic “Yet” LP test press for pre-ordering the My Epic “Yet” LP!


12/10/13 – Congratulations to Eric Deskiewicz in West Seneca, NY who won the Anchor Drum for pre-ordering the Everything in Slow Motion “Phoenix” CD!

4/16/13 – Congratulations to Ray Wachter in California, MO who won the Fallstar skateboard for pre-ordering the Fallstar “Backdraft” CD!


3/20/13 – Congratulations to Isaiah Perry in Maine who won the ESP LTD Guitar for pre-ordering the Hope for the Dying “Aletheia” CD!

8/14/12 – Congratulations to Andrew Brubaker in Charlottesville, VA who won the Fernandes Guitar for pre-ordering the Letter to the Exiles “Make Amends” CD!

4/24/12 – Congratulations to Andrew Orr in Simpsonville, SC who won the ESP LTD M100 Guitar for pre-ordering the War of Ages “Return to Life” album!

4/17/12 – Congratulations to Phillip Tegethoff  in Boise, ID who won the custom made Truth snare drum for pre-ordering the War of Ages “Return to Life” album!

4/10/12 – Congratulations to Nathan Cooper in Monmouth, IL who won the $100 shopping spree for pre-ordering the War of Ages “Return to Life” album!

4/3/12 – Congratulations to Justin Martin in Spokane, WA who won the War of Ages “Return to Life” test press LP for pre-ordering the War of Ages “Return to Life” album.

3/27/12 – Congratulations to Jake Haugen from Ogden, UT who won the War of Ages “Return to Life” Canvas Print for pre-ordering the War of Ages “Return to Life” album.

3/20/12 – Congratulations to James Lisle from Springfield, OH who won the War of Ages “Return to Life” custom skate deck for pre-ordering the War of Ages “Return to Life” album.

12/29/2011-Congratulations to Jonathan Rodmell from Lutz, FL who won a test pressing of the A Plea for Purging “The Life and Death of A Plea for Purging” Double 12” (limited to only 8 copies) when he pre-ordered the A Plea for Purging “the life and death of a plea for purging” LP!

12/29/2011 – Congratulations to Delaney from Bowie, MD who won the Schecter Guitar by pre-ordering the A Plea for Purging “The Life and Death of A Plea for Purging” CD!

5/24/2011 – Congratulations to Aaron Ortiz from Bedford, TX who won a custom pair of Dynasty Nike shoes by pre-ordering the Dynasty “Truer Living with a Youthful Vengeance” CD!

4/27/2011 – Congratulations to Nathan Kuster from Macungie, PA who won a Peavey Extreme Stage Pack (Peavey guitar, practice amp, and case) as well as a custom made Hope for the Dying “Dissimulation” guitar tablature book for pre-ordering “Dissimulation”!

7/6/2010 – Congratulations to Malcolm Evans from Hattiesburg, MS who won a Schecter Guitar by pre-ordering the new A Plea for Purging “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” CD!

6/8/2010 – Congratulations to Phil Mason from Evington, VA who won a Call to Preserve skateboard deck by pre-ordering the new Call to Preserve “Life of Defiance” CD

4/13/2010 – Congratulations to Roy Thomas from Pensacola, FL who won the War of Ages “Eternal” LP Test Press by pre-ordering the War of Ages “Eternal” CD/ LP combo!

4/13/2010 – Congratulations to Kenny Saether from Lebanon, OR who won a $200 Facedown Shopping Spree by pre-ordering the War of Ages “Eternal” CD!

winner-shopping spree-woa preorder-small

1/5/2010 – Congratulations to Clement Sigonneau from Pelham, NY who won a custom skateboard deck by pre-ordering the Saving Grace “Unbreakable” CD!

SG skateboard-SMALL

3/3/2009 – Congratulations to winners Kevin Kramer who won a custom snare drum from Dark Horse Percussion and to Eric Miller who won a guitar from First Act Guitars! Both were won by pre-ordering the A Plea for Purging “Depravity” CD.



April 2009 – Congratulations to winner Michael Roth who won a Nintendo Wii and A Plea For Purging’s new CD “Depravity” in the Facedown Fest 2009 Contest! (below)


9/30/2008 – Congratulations to the following winners who won a pair of Nike 6.0 Shoes and a Call To Preserve “From Isolation” CD:

Jason Jones – Riverside CA
Bryant Gellerup – Burleson, TX
Jeremy Feldman – San Diego, CA


Congratulations to the Alden Butler of Sun City, CA for winning the Sony PSP by pre-ordering Call To Preserve “From Isolation”


Congratulations to the following people who won their choice of the Black Rose 7 Deadly Sins T-shirts:

Danica Daley – Australia
Robb Brouillette – Omaha, NE
Chris Elliott – Farmington, IL

Congratulations to Wes Hanson of Yorba Linda, CA for winning the War Of Ages pre-order 32” LCD TV contest!