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April 5, 2024

Confessions of a Traitor released “Fatal Frame” today, a stand-alone single preceding their 2024 US Tour later this spring.

Vocalist Steve MacConville on the new single: In Fatal Frame I explore how trying to live up to someone else’s expectations can have a devastating effect on your mental health. However hard you try, sometimes the person you are will never be what they want you to be. As a couple you’re not compatible and in this process of trying to live up to unrealistic and unreasonable expectations, you can fundamentally lose who you are.

The process of writing and recording this single has been amazing. I once again worked with Justin Hill on vocals and production, and he has elevated the track bringing so much depth to the music. For guitars we worked once again with Myroslav Borys, who we have worked with previously on past recordings, which also added another set of ears to song structure and writing and honed in on the sound we created on ‘Punishing Myself Before God Does’. Will Duff & George Daly engineered and recorded drums creating a tight and precise sound.
We decided this time to work with Lance Prenc to mix & master. Lance is at the top of his game having worked with acts such as Alpha Wolf and Polaris, both leaders in our genre. With Lance not only working in the studio but also as a touring sound engineer, he is able to capture the raw energy of a live band and harness it within a mix. This has added such an exciting sound capturing what we do live and delivering it right to the listener, something we have been striving to capture for years.