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January 2, 2023

Laura from Comrades:

My heart has risen to a place where I can come to you with this. It is not news, in the sense that it has been years, but it is a thing that has weighed in my hands nearly every day since it’s necessity.
“Comrades” came to me as Lewis put it: “Friends united for a common purpose.” I remember well, that dusty winter evening that we all perked up at the mention of it, it felt electric on the air. “Comrades”.
Our then-drummer huddled over his laptop, securing the necessary handles and assuring that we weren’t encroaching on someone else’s space. We became what we had already been, Comrades.
This band was a collective effort of heart, skill, struggle, and growth; the joys and grief (that is to say, everything) involving many wonderful, talented people for more than ten years. Over a decade spent; a spending that gave back infinitely more.
I think back on every undulation of the project, from the calculated fifty-cent burritos to touring Europe three times, and recording in legendary studios, and I have nothing but gratitude in my heart. Every second of it valuable beyond measure. The loss of sleep and gain of friendships, the nights on cold floors, the warm conversation that sustained beyond the Taco Bell and gas station coffee. Sometimes I would say we were peddlers of our souls. I now know that’s nothing out-of-the-ordinary, but sometimes, if you pay attention, what you receive in exchange is extraordinary. What a beautiful thing to trade for. We were in it with togetherness beyond ourselves.

The records we made hold that experience. With or without words, our story is etched into vinyl, hung upon the air. Therein are the echoes of our heroes, those we were privileged to share the stage with, the influence of our friends, the hands of the past and present that gave us our match-flame torch for the breath-span we got to hold it. The deep and abiding thread of humanity we experienced baring the softest, most fragile sides of the thing that transcends barriers: art. Above all, we attempted honesty in it. If you ever listened to Showbread, you know the line “Art is not the world, art is in our hearts.”