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November 7, 2016

From the beginning, Facedown has always had the desire to be about more than just music.  Diligently, we have strived to release music that shares a message of faith, hope, and love.  Feeling that we have a responsibility to use our platform for something more than just music, in 2009 we started More Than Sound, where we donate to organizations that are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people.

Our goal is to help motivate and create a community of like-minded individuals and bands to help meet the needs of people all over the world. Currently, we donate a portion of all of our sales to the below organizations. Please take a moment to learn more about them.

Carol Adam’s Ministry
Eden Projects

Thank you for taking the time to read this and joining us as we strive to be More Than Sound!

Jason Dunn

Facedown Records