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November 21, 2012

 For a limited time, all of our 2012 new releases are on sale on iTunes for only $4.99 each. We had the privilege of releasing a lot of great albums this year so now is your chance to pick up any that you might have missed. The below albums are all on sale:
Onward To Olympas “Indicator” Indicator - Onward To Olympas
Letter To The Exiles “Make Amends” Make Amends - Letter to the Exiles
Your Memorial “Redirect” Redirect - Your Memorial
Gideon “Milestone” Milestone - Gideon
Looking Foward “Down With The Ship” Down With the Ship - Looking Forward
Altars “Conclusions” Conclusions - Altars
War Of Ages “Return To Life” Return to Life - War of Ages
Leaders “Now We Are Free” Now We Are Free - Leaders
The Burial “Lights And Perfections” Lights and Perfections - The Burial