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Richmond, VA

No Small Tempest

EP, Vinyl, MP3

Tour Dates:
Sep 11 -Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club w/ As Cities Burn
Sep 13 - Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar w/ Comrades
Sep 14 - Shippensburg, PA @ Uprise Fest
Sep 15 - Stafford, CT @ The Stafford Palace Theater w/ Disciple
Sep 20 - Lynchburg, VA @ The Glass House w/ Bought Blood

DENS have found a perfect niche in the space between energetic rock and contemplative ambience. They create an experience that drowns the listener in guitar-driven post-rock and vocal hooks while leaving plenty of room for lyrical exploration. From a wide view DENS are a rock band, although the nuances in their sound send tendrils out into shoegaze, ambient, post-rock, and indie rock concepts. These subtleties put them right at home with Facedown labelmates My Epic, Everything In Slow Motion, and Comrades.

DENS find their mission in using music as a platform to creatively and honestly explore the themes of faith, hope, redemption and grace. The band self-released their debut “From Small Seeds Come Giant Trees” in 2016, and the single “Hopebringer” with Come&Live in 2017. Now Facedown Records is proud to announce “No Small Tempest,” DENS’ highly anticipated four-song follow up to “Small Seeds” releasing June 29.