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Colossus "Time & Eternal" (CD)

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About Colossus

¬†Colossus is a beast of a band whose sound lives up to the name. Massive and formidable, faithfully dedicated to the traditional hardcore principles, while also generously carving in plenty of hooks and sing-alongs for a superb multi-faceted and progressive sound. The diversity of the members’ influences enable them to keep the song writing fresh, and a modest hardcore scene in the band’s hometown of Sioux Falls, SD¬† “has helped us take inspiration from a lot of different sounds because we have to reach out to find new music.” Going out of their local scene to experience musical diversity pays off for Colossus in doses of ingenuity and invention in each song; songs that make you want to learn the lyrics as fast as you can so you can sing along.

Fun Facts

Zach can benchpress a small car…probably.
Alex can climb a rockwall upside down, maybe.
Israel is extremely photogenic.
Jim lost his car keys in his hair, for 3 weeks.
We spend 90% of our off time on the road in Starbucks or at a gym.
We’re the 2nd band from our state to sign with Facedown (Nodes of Ranvier).
We listen to more Justin Bieber and Reliant K than heavy music.