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Seventh Star "the undisputed truth" (CD) Seventh Star - The Undisputed Truth

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Seventh Star "100% DVD" (DVD) Available Now
Seventh Star "brood of vipers" (CD) Seventh Star - Brood of Vipers
Seventh Star "Dead End" (CD) Seventh Star - Dead End

About Seventh Star


Christian Hardcore band Seventh Star formed in 1998 in Ocala, FL, with the purpose of playing hard music with a message of forgiveness. The Band released it’s first CDep “LifeBlood” in 2001 on Warfare Records.  They signed to Facedown Records in 2003 and released their Full-length CD “Dead End” that year, “Brood of Vipers” in 2005, and “the undisputed truth” in 2007.