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Call to Preserve "Validation" (7")

Older Releases

Call to Preserve "Life of Defiance" (CD)
Call to Preserve "From Isolation" (CD)

About Call To Preserve

Integrity and candor is what set this Floridian five-piece apart from their musical contemporaries; and the heavy, catchy quality of their music is what made CTP’s enthusiastic live show so irresistible. After 6 years and four releases with Facedown Records, the hardcore band from Florida’s Space Coast disbanded after playing their last Facedown Fest in 2011. Their instantly recognizable style of burly hardcore anthems about faith, perseverance, friendship, loyalty, and their straight-edge lifestyle will live on forever in the Facedown hall of fame. One thing that will remain is the band’s hope for their music. “We just hope people hear the lyrics and see themselves in it…that the songs will make a positive impact in others’ lives.”